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Re: Fluctuating weight

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Lady hun,

Not being a band patient I can only advise what I have learnt from others over the last couple of years.
And by saying any of this I DO NOT want you disapointed or worried….

Bands do take some time to get right. No doubt about that.
Over eating is still an option but over a longer peroid of time… we have only restricted the inlet…..
Most stalls occur about 2-3 months where the body just has had enough… it rebels.
Not eating and drinking will inevitably cause stalls and complications…. the idea is to eat regular and drink to fill up if necessary.
With bands feeling full is not so achievable, more a discomfort of food getting stuck.
Your digestive system remains intact just restricted, it will shrink, it doesnt have much option.

Regular weighing for the most will only upset you. Hide the scales.

Dont ever feel you cant talk to any of the staff about your worries. I am sure if they dont have the answers they will point you in the right direction to someone who can :).
You but have to ask…… Its never too much trouble…..

A dietician would help if only to confirm you are eating enough and doing the right things….

Bands do take so much longer, and can fail leading to a bypass later on….

Get some advice, make a call, you be glad you did….
Whoever has done your procedure has a duty of care and will not want you to fail, touble is if they dont know, they dont know….

GO on…. pick up the phone and chat to someone…..

Sure this will all be sorted just as soon as you remind yourself your a delicate little flower and ask for advice, your entitled to it….. you deserve it….

Hope that helps… your not going to fail its our mission to help you…….ok.

Let us know how you get on..

Buzz xx

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