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Re: Fluctuating weight

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@xxladykxx 17693 wrote:

Hi Everyone,

I had my band fitted 4 months ago and I have 5.45ml in a 9ml band. I have lost a stone and a half but to be fair I lost the bulk of that on the pre op diet and when I struggle to eat the first 24hrs after a fill they are the only time I’ve lost weight.
I do have fairly good restriction and struggle with a lot of foods.
On an average day I guess I consume around 800 calories (I have checked with my doctor and she said this is good/ok) but I am still not losing weight.

I know you are all about to say….give it time….the band is a slow process etc, but my thinking is this.
My doctor says to go any less than 800 cals per day is not healthy and will leave me malnourished. So If I can’t eat fewer calories and I am not losing weight on 800 calories where does that leave me.
I also can’t understand where before I must have consumed 2-3-4 thousand calories a day and now only 800 why am I not losing weight? There is no logic.

I am not comparing myself to bypassers as I know the science behind the digestion side of things is different, but I have read plenty of success stories on here of band patients and am wondering why I am not one of them.

If there are any band patients going through the same of can shed some light I would be so grateful.

i so feel for you
i know how hard this is
and like you simply can not understand the logic
frustrating and very difficult to live with long term

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