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Re: Fluctuating weight

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At the moment the band isn’t doing it’s job, you are not at the right level of restriction ‘sweet spot’, until you get to that point (which can take several fills, possibly up to a year) any weight you lose will be through diet and exercise. If you just eat normally you will gain weight (which is quite common post band) until you reach restriction, but this can be hugely demoralising.

You do need a lot of willpower with a band, and have to be patient. Weight loss can be slow and you have to work with it, when you do reach that sweet spot it can be tempting to resort to slider foods as they are easier…

Any weight lost before you reach the sweet spot is great! It can take 2-3 years to truly see any difference after you have had a band.

How much fluid in your band means very little, everyone is different, you could have 10 out of 11mls in it and still not feel restruction and 0.1ml can make all the difference. It is better to have the fills done slowly and although frustrating it can avoid problems further down the line.

Sadly there is a lot of expectation immediately after wls, with a bypass the weight can drop off from day 1, but bands generally take MUCH longer. Yet they are a tool, and can be amazing, so work with it and it will (eventually) work with you.

Do speak to the fill nurse, she is there to help.


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