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Re: Fluctuating weight

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@Buzz 11065 wrote:


Changing things up and looking at water intake can start things moving again.
My weight loss all happened in the first four months and very slowly since… we have to remember the ammount of weight we loose after each surgery is very different for all of us, some loose fast, others slowly with plateaus long and short…

Water and fluids is a very common cause, when we dont do enough of it, breaking away from the rules, drinking within half an hour of eating…. making a little more effort with excercise. It really is down to us to make the last bits fade, it takes a little effort, some dedication and a lot of patience…

So… mix things up. review what your doing…..

I will try to find the 5 day pouch test that is commonly used to understand how your pouch might have stretched…

Its really up to us, the good thing is most of us are not gaining, we are maintaining although our intake has probably increased… so we make plans, we mix things up and help each other to stay focused and find solutions….

Plateaus happen, its how we stop them lasting for ages…. any advice on this subject needs posting…

When would we have maintained such weight loss in the past??? we wouldnt have… so PLEASE dont be disapointed or get dispondant…. it takes a little effort to achieve perfection…. (especially for us former fatties)

Looking forward to replies…. ( even I need a little kick up the pants ) lol

Buzz xx

Can’t really add to Buzz’s great post. I have had my band for a little over a year now and have lost around 8 stone with it, but still want to lose another 2. I have been pretty much plateauxed for the last 3 months or so, but recently went on holiday and did so much more exercise than I normally do that despite eating and drinking more than usual, I managed to lose 8lbs in 10 days.

Look at your carb intake, it’s the carbs that stop me losing, make sure you’re drinking at least 2 litres of water a day and make sure you are eating enough lean protein and vegetables.

When your body realises you’re not going to starve it again any time soon, the weight should start coming off again (at least that’s what I keep telling myself! 😉 )

Best of luck with that last stubborn stone.


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