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Re: Fluctuating weight

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Hi Cazza

You are going to hate me for saying this, but I was one of the very lucky (and rare as hens’ teeth) bandsters that had some restriction right from the very beginning – not a huge amount, but some. BUT I did work really hard at making sure I didn’t have the wrong foods and also made sure I waited at least an hour after drinking before eating anything and an hour after eating before drinking again – are you doing this?

I do feel like I’m always clock watching to see if I can eat yet, or drink yet, but what with getting 2l of fluids a day in, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to overeat.

What are your portion sizes like at the moment? Are they much smaller than pre-op? It probably is head hunger a lot of the time for you at the moment… it takes a long time to get away from that… even now, over 9 months post op, I still suffer with it from time to time.

Try porridge for brekkie, that should keep you feeling pretty full for quite a while, then mid morning try a banana – I can only manage half a banana at a time, but it keeps me full for hours!

From what you have written, it does sound like a lot of your mealtimes might just be out of habit, does that sound right?

When you do get your restriction and you are only able to eat very small amounts, then you will probably need a small snack between each of your 3 meals (that’s assuming you will be able to eat breakfast – I can’t as my restriction in the morning is tighter and it eases off throughout the day, so I have a skinny latte or a protein shake) but if you are still able to eat normal sized portions, then either try cutting out the snacks or try to cut down on your meal sizes a bit now.

What sort of foods are you eating? Are you sticking to lean protein first, followed by veggies then carbs only if you have room? If not, try to do this now, you will need to once your portion sizes reduce. Are you avoiding slider foods, as they won’t keep you full at all.

Try to cut out all simple carbs completely (sugars, white flour, anything readymade) this really helped me.


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