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Re: Five years down the line with a gastric band…

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@cocomabelle 34070 wrote:


Was wondering if anyone wants to discuss the experience/ results of bands after having it for a few years.
I have to say that this was the best thing I did, lost about 7 stones and this has changed my life. Lost it all in around 3 years and the last two has been maintaining it and living with it really.
For me food now food is not such a big thing like it used to be, I kind of of eat when I am hungry and like plain, boring food.
After five years, I still get weird periods when the band feels tight and I can eat less, mornings are never a good time to eat for me and some type of food, I can no longer eat or digest, i.e. carbs, meat, eggs make me very ill, and cannot really work out as why…
I take multi vitamins but recently am plagued by migraines , tiredness, just feeling quite lethargic. I have seen different nutritionists but how to explain that between what I like to eat and what I can actually eat, there is not much left available really. Had my band done privately and my gp on the NHS does not seem to be really bothered by all my symptoms and never offers blood test or to investigate further. Am following through other avenues like seeing an osteopath and having acupuncture for the migraines but even him mentioned the importance of nutrition.
Does anyone have any feedback/ ideas ? The changes we go through after having bariatric surgery is massive and I find it hard now to still keep healthy with my diet been so different.

Hi Cocomabelle and welcome to our friendly forum.

May I ask where and with whom you had your surgery?

If your GP isn’t offering blood tests then maybe you should request/demand them? You pay your NI contributions after all!

Nutrition is very important – forever. If you are running out of ideas what to eat then maybe an appointment with a Dietitian might help? There are loads of foods that are great alternatives. I’m vegetarian after my bypass and have looked into all sorts of different foods with which to top up my protein levels – some are really surprising! My dream would be for someone to write an exclusively vegetarian wls cookbook!

I had acupuncture for migraines and it worked really well. However, sometimes they come on so suddenly that I have to resort to medication instead. I take Sumatriptan when I know one is coming and 9 times out of 10 it stops it in it’s tracks.

Perhaps you should tell your GP you want blood tests. Demand them in a polite way and if she/he refuses then ask to see another Doctor. There may be an underlying problem that needs to be dealt with – like the need for calcium, Vitamin D, Iron B12 etc.

Please let us know how you get on and well done on your weight loss. You have really made the band work for you 🙂

Doodah x

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