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Re: First week after op

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@Michelle Louise Bumpus 33881 wrote:

Hi there,

So finally I have had the op all went very well.
Just after a few options really what I can have to eat the hospital never gave me a sheet of ideas. Can I blend down what everyone else is having for dinner at home? I don’t want to fall into bad habits again!
Any way any advice would be great!

Thanks Michelle

Yay! Congratulations, Michelle and welcome to the loser’s bench!

I’m really surprised they didn’t give you any advice about what to eat when they discharged you!

I had my wls almost 7 years ago and I know things have changed considerably since then. However, I think the basics are roughly the same:

Don’t drink with meals – leave half an hour either side.

Very smooth food to start with – eaten at a snail’s pace!

Then onto a slightly ‘lumpy texture’ leading to (after roughly a few months) very small portions of as many different food types as you can. One word – CHEW! Chew your food at least 20 times and take 20 minutes to eat it. If anything disagrees with you, try it a little later on. Try not to be tempted by high fat/carb foods as they have empty calories and your health could suffer. If you have had a bypass and you eat such foods, chances are you will get ‘Dumping syndrome’ which is akin to a diabetic hypo in sensation. It’s horrible.

Some people become intolerant to certain foods – rice, bread, pasta, red meat, dairy – but some can eat absolutely everything just small portions.

A word of caution regarding alcohol. It is suggested that you do not consume alcohol for at least a year as it can damage your new stomach/pouch. Also, alcohol can have a VERY strong effect post wls. You might be perfectly legal to drive but you could actually be intoxicated.

Please click onto the links below for more guidelines. I know our lovely newbies and other recently ‘done’ friends on here will have LOADS more tips for you. However, please do not ever try anything new without checking with your team first. even though some of our members are clinicians, they are not allowed to give clinical advice to someone who is not officially in their care. I’m not a clinician so every snippet I give out is merely what has worked for me and others that have tried it.

This is it – your new life. Call on us for help whenever you need it, or, just come on here to have a great big rant when you are feeling negative (it happens!)

I’m so excited for you 🙂

Doodah x

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