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Re: First week after op

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@loulou19 33923 wrote:

Glad to hear your operation went well.

I am 6 months out and my main advice would be don’t rush the food stages – if it says 4 weeks of puree, it means 4 weeks, however tempting it is to try other things. The stages go very quickly and in the long run your new plumbing will thank you for it.

Best of luck

Couldn’t agree more, Loulou.

I think I almost doubled ever stage! I was so terrified of getting it ‘wrong’ that I practiced every stage until it became second nature to me.

My LIFE I failed several times over!!! So I just started from the beginning again. I still fail. And when I do, I go back to soup and porridge. It seems to re-set my way of thinking back to the very first few months. that then gives me the courage to move forward again.

This is our way of life now. It takes us 7 years to become set in our ways as children (Give me a boy until he is seven, and I will show you the man) I have my 7 year opiversary in 4 weeks. I’m actually a wee bit scared! Have I done enough? Do I need to change anything?

Ironically, my OCD has been hugely helpful! I like rigid rules and regulations. However, I wouldn’t recommend it! I drive myself and other people INSANE with sticking to the rules. Yet I was a really rebellious child. Humans – so difficult to understand. It’s why I love dogs so much. Eat, drink, sleep, play, love…..repeat… but not necessarily in the same order haha!

ps love ‘new plumbing’ haha!

Doodah x

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