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Re: First Visit due 20th April and very nervous.

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@Sparklepumpkin 28111 wrote:

Hi guys, I’m new to all this. I am a self funding patient, and I Have my first visit with Dr Shaw Somers on 20th, I was told I will also see a dietician and a psychologist. I was just wondering what to expect on this visit? And how long after this visit can surgery take place?.
I have blissfully researching how amazing bypass is, but whilst doing my research I read a lot of horror stories like bowel obstruction, hernia and ulcers I’m an now very scared and the magnitude of how life changing this op will be is beginning to set in.
I am 28 and have fertility problems, due to my weight so I know this is the best option, but I’m am beginning to become anxious about such drastic major surgery.

H x

Hi Sparkle and welcome to the friendliest place around!

You would not be taking it seriously enough if you did not have your ‘doubtful days’ believe me! It is a major life-changing surgery so you are wise to research it until your eyes bleed lol!

Mr Somers saved my life almost five years ago when he performed my bypass. I was slowly dying and felt utterly hopeless and helpless. My family all felt the same way too. I had an open bypass (hardly ever done any more) as he took out my gallbladder at the same time. I went home three days later and wasn’t really in that much pain to be honest.

One thing I’m delighted about is how young you are – you will get almost twice as many years of benefit from wls (weight loss surgery) as I have! You will bounce back quicker and be able to start living the life you have always wanted.

Yes, things can go wrong but Streamline have an excellent record for success – you quite literally could not be in safer hands I promise you. From appointment to surgery was on month for me as I was very poorly. I have lost 15st and kept it off for almost five years now. I’m back working (from home) and now look forward to having a future of which I am in control.

Please keep in touch and let us know how it all goes. We are a friendly bunch here and will truly look forward to hearing all about your progression and successes. I always say (and always mean it) that this part is the most exciting. I remember my first meeting with Mr Somers like it was yesterday! It was the actual start to my new and better life. Please feel free to ask absolutely anything. There will always be someone who will be able to help you or point you in the right direction.

Doodah x

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