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Re: First post with diabetes & Fibromyalgia

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@Megan123 28013 wrote:

Hello Doodah,

Thank you very much for replying to my post, its so nice to know someone thats been through all this and also suffers Fibro, I certainly take my hat off to you for losing 15st thats out of this world :clap2:

Did it make your Fibo worse after surgery?

I attended a bariactric seminar last week with a Dr Carr (feeling Good) but your right I defintely need to have a consultation with one of the surgeons. Im not sure if I want to go the surgery route or not yet, I am still trying to get my head round it. I absolutely detest the way my body looks and feels right now, but to live the rest of my life never having any sugary foods (I occasionally get a chocolate craving!) and to live without diet coke feels me with dread – being honest. I have got to get to grips with this and find replacements. I dont do a lot of emotional eating, but when things really get me down I can then turn to sugary foods to give me a lift and another 2 st lol. Im very much aware that surgery wont cure emotional thoughts and feelings and in the past replacements would have been long walks in the country or horse riding, but I can do neither now thanks to fibro, sometimes I feel all I have for comfort is food.

So glad I found this forum, everyone cerayinly seems very helpful and supportive from all the posts Ive read.


Hi again Megan

So glad you feel you can come on here and feel safe, supported and valued.

I can honestly say with my hand on my heart that my bypass has not made my fibro worse than it was before surgery. If it had, I would tell you I promise you that. It also hasn’t made any change to either my asthma or arthritis but what it has made me is more capable of dealing with it. I now have a hugely positive mental attitude and – a future. One to which I can look forward with hope and happiness.

As for not being able to have sugary or fizzy food/drink, that is something that terrifies us all! But, they are NOT your friends. They make you feel lousy and guilty: that’s not friendly is it? We all find something else to focus and depend on. For many of us it is physical exercise (mine is swimming. I learned to swim last year!) plus, many of us get back into work or change careers completely. The sense of pride and satisfaction that gives cannot be achieved with a can of pop or a cake. You may be able to take up horse riding again and will certainly be able to take those walks – building them up every day. Your attitude will change so much that you may even try something totally new.

My one bit of advice? Get some counselling/therapy. I had therapy for three years before my surgery as I needed to know how/why I got to be 26+ stone in the first place. I already knew that part of it was due to my disabilities (nasty car accident 19 years ago) but was acutely aware that emotional factors were just as responsible.

Anyway my lovely, you just take your time and glean as much info as you possibly can. Informed choices work better than those that are made in a short space of time 😉

We are all, always here for you

Doodah x

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