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Re: First meal out after surgery

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@loulou19 33459 wrote:

I am now 11 weeks post op (bypass) and today had my first meal out. I have to admit to being a little anxious before going.

I realise that this is not very exciting to most people but I felt it was a real step forward. Went with my daughter to Bill’s in Windsor, had no idea of the menu beforehand as we just liked the look of this place and went it. I ordered marinated chicken skewers with couscous, tzatsiki and flat breads. Have to admit I only had a small amount but am really chuffed, no ill effects either.

My only error was that I ordered a drink, then realised that I wouldn’t have the required half an hour before my food arrived to drink it, so I left it. I am still not confident to ‘break the rules’ just yet.

Sorry to go on, but it’s the little steps that mean a lot.

It’s NOT going on at all! I am absolutely thrilled that you have had your first meal out and that it was a success. that’s HUGE progress.

As for the drinking and eating – I have never broken this rule since the first time I tried it. It’s horrible. The food gets stuck, it makes a ghastly ectoplasm drool from your mouth, then you bring up all the food you ate. That’s just my experience but, I know others have had it too. I have a drink before I go out and save the coffee/tea for when I get home. the whole point about eating out is the company and not having to cook – for me.

I still only have a starter. I explain to the waiting staff that mine will last the entire evening and they don’t even bat an eyelid. They are so used to so many different dietary requests these days that mine doesn’t even register.

So very happy that it was an enjoyable experience for you 🙂

Doodah x

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