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Re: First holiday

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@Kimberly 33293 wrote:

Hi folks ,
sorry for the delay but got back from Israel on Friday about midnight . Had a wonderful time . Firstly sat on a plane with no extender belt, arm rest down and also the tray down . Hubby took a picture but I’m useless at down loading on the forum ( dodah might be able to help xx ) it was our first holiday abroad in 13 years . Had a wonderful time . It was even better as we tried to go two years ago but my health was so bad I couldn’t leave the country ! Or even the house without my lungs or heart playing up . If you don’t know I was almost housebound with asthma and heart problems . I managed to do every thing floated in the Dead Sea . Went up Masda, toured all the holy sites .even managed to get in the rock of the dome. It was exhausting sometimes up at 0530 breakfast at 0600 out at 0700 it was wonderful . The only thing I didn’t do was the 2 hour walk in the Desert to Jericho , my hubby asked me not to do it as he worry about my heart . The weather was all the season we had sand storms , freezing bitter cold , , rain ( they love the rain calling it heavenly blessings ) snow , sunshine but I didn’t care I was so happy every single moment
. I feel so blessed to have this opportunity that my bypass has given me and my family . The numbers are fairly static and I’m about 7 pound from thr Magic BMi 25 , but really I’m not that bothered , I’m not a spring chicken and don’t want to lose any more from my face ( older ladies will understand ) . I did put on three pound , but that’s what happens on holiday , only full fat milk and protein in fatty sauces , but really folks this is normal , people put on a few pounds whilst on holiday / Christmas / Easter . Then they are careful when it’s over . So it’s back to SW which I find helpful , it’s my security blanket ATM . But something else loverly happened
On the coach some one said ‘theirs a seat here Kimberly for a little one ‘.they were talking about me !!!!! .
the only difficulty I had was getting my clothes in a suitcase under the luggage allowance lol

Oh how lovely Kimberley, you obviously had a wonderful time and so you should, you will have to start planning and saving for the next one. As for being “no spring chicken”, you look very young and if you are not, I want your camera. I cannot believe that people will ever call me little lol. Lesley x

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