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Re: First holiday

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So I’m off again next month , with my daughter , theirs no stopping me now only the luggage allowance ��lol .
I just brought two dresses size 10!!!!! For the winter they are lose around the bottom as I’m a true pear shape . I know I’m sad . But I brought a coat in monsoon on the hottest day of the year for £50 ant way I get so distracted !!they were in sainsbury sale 50% then further 25% on top cost £7.50 each . What a been great buying clothes for this summer . I got out last year and can I say I was very happy buying a size 14 . But their too big . So I’m a comfortable 12 . . I think if it wasn’t for the skin I be a 10 . But it’s amazing what those suck in pants and vest do . Lol well worth an investment . For you about to have surgery look in sainsbury for Gok vest tops with Lycra especially when they do £25 off . . They are very comfortable and also ASDA have some cheep ones . It’s not worth spending lots untill your near your target . My neice has told me about one brand that she says she can wear all day . I let you know once I tried them out . Spanks are great but don’t they hurt after a few hours . ?

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