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Re: First Christmas/new Year

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@Doodah 27153 wrote:

You are doing everything you can and doing it right Shelley so don’t fret too much.

Having said that, I am convinced that my weight remains stable due to the fact that I try not to eat bad things most of the time and I invested in a gym-standard cycle two years ago. I hop on it for approx 15-20 mins each day: just enough to either do cardio (helps my asthma enormously) or fat burning. It saves all my info too. It cost about £800 but think of how much I have saved in Gym fees. Plus the rest of the family use it. I would absolutely recommend it.

Well done on losing 5lbs in a week!! We can get so blase about how much we lose but think about it…5lbs!! That’s almost half a stone. Brilliant start to your new year 😉

Doodah x

Thanks Doodah. I can’t believe it but I’ve actually lost now 11lb since new years day now. I guess the stall meant my body was ready to start losing again and I’ve not been this weight since I was 18. I just realised I’ve lost 10 stone now and only 4 and half stone to go to till my goal. Hard to think that 7 and half months ago that felt impossible. So yes a very good start to the year – my new years resolution is to try and not worry so much about everything! especially important when it comes to weight loss and my job.

I invested in the treadmill, got a lovely fancy one for half price and I love it. It does automatic inclines and lots of different modes etc. I’ve cancelled my gym membership so I’ll easily save what the treadmill cost in no time, like you say and my mum is going to use the treadmill too. So you are very right about that 🙂 Plus I got a memory foam mattress in the sale to help with my arthritis so I can a better nights sleep, my last one was squashed from when I was really heavy so this one is like heaven in comparison. Hopefully I won’t wake up in the night with hip pain now. I can safely say I’ve blown my first pay cheque but to a good cause. Debt can wait till the next one 😉


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