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Re: Finally have my money so what is next…?

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@shelleymarie 21657 wrote:

Hi All, Hope you are well. I’ve been here on and off (mainly off as it been a difficult wait) but I’ve finally got my inheritance and I’ve rang to get the ball rolling (at St.Richards), I was told that someone would get back to me at the end of last week, they didn’t so I rang again and they said that hopefully some one will get back to me this week, apparently there has been a delay/catch up, not sure what is meant by that. Anyway I’m not worried a few more weeks here and there now, it’s been so long that I can cope with that but I’m actually not sure what I’m waiting for. I’m not very good on the phone so didn’t really get the gist of it but for those who are none nhs patients, what happened after you rang to get things started? (I’ve had my initial consultation with the surgeon who supports the idea I should have the bypass) Is it finance that get in touch? or someone else? I know it may sound silly for not asking but like I say I’m rubbish on the phone so didn’t really ask what I’m waiting for next…?!

Anyway I’m a bit closer now, a lot closer than I was a year ago (think I could’ve had it done on the nhs in this time but oh well) and that is both exciting and scary. I’m also having to deal with a lot of friends and family coming up with all sorts of schemes that would “save me” and prevent the surgery. One even sent me a link to an article where a poor lady passed away due to complications post op. Unfortunately I’ve come to the end of my tether trying to explain my situation and what I know is for the best now, so it is harder to fight them off. Any tips? I should have kept it a secret but I’m very open in general which seems to be a bit of downfall at the moment but hopefully that will help in the long run when I’ll really need the support.

Anyway that is my update. Hopefully next time I can start to talk about dates and things, we will see. If anyone can answer my questions I would be very grateful. Thanks 🙂

Hi Shelley.

Would your friends and family be so concerned by your decisions if you were having heart surgery? You are having an operation which will give you a longer, healthier and happier life! It’s absolutely no-one else’s business anyway! Sorry but I’m really cross on your behalf!! Hold your head high and know you are doing this to make YOUR life better, not theirs.

Doodah x

ps sorry to be so outspoken but I’m on your side 100% lol!

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