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Re: Finally have my money so what is next…?

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Feeling really disheartened at the moment and can’t sleep. I’ve tried to arrange my bypass/get things going for several weeks now and I’m getting no where. I’ve got the money sitting in the bank, I’ve spent well over a year making sure this what I want, when I saw Mr. Slater he was supportive, my GP is supportive but my phone calls don’t seem to be getting me anywhere. I can’t seem to get things off the ground and that doesn’t seem normal. Today I had a very stressful phone call about it all (probably stressful because I’m quite stressed at the moment. Especially knowing I’ve gained weight in all this waiting. Obviously not what I want to be doing). I also keep getting asked why I’m not going nhs, I wish I had applied a year ago but I didn’t have a supportive GP, I do now but now I feel if I apply now I will have to wait even longer and I just don’t know I have any more strength for this part of the journey. I want to save my energy and use what I have left for losing weight and learning a new way of life. Anyway I just need to vent. I’ve been promised a phone call back and this time they seemed like they meant it so hopefully I’ll know more soon.

Sorry for all the vent/help needed posts. I promise whenever I finally join the losers bench and hopefully have some experience I will pay back all the help and support I’ve been given on these boards. I know I wouldn’t of made it this far and be determined to for fight for what I want without all your help.
Thank you

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