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Re: Ferrous furmarate 210mg

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Just wanted to follow up on this. I had another blood test and my levels are still low, I’m still on the supplements and my GP is waiting to see if this works, however the next step will be having iron intravenously. I have also found that I was refused as a blood donor recently because my iron levels are too low, which is disappointing. I’ve always supported the transfusion service and I encourage everyone to go if they can. Never having been in this situation before, I’d always assumed that people with anaemia would feel weak and tired all the time, whereas I don’t, I feel great.

Now I have another question and I am certain you will all say speak to your team or see your GP, and I will do. But I just wanted to see if anyone had personal insight. My periods have suddenly stopped. I’m 46 and whilst I suppose the menopause is looming, it isn’t that they have slowed or tapered off, just completely stopped for the past two months. No, I’m not pregnant, thank goodness, I did a test which was negative. I have found a couple of other posts on this forum relating to this issue but there was no follow up from them to say what happened to these ladies. Any of the usual words of wisdom will be welcome on this.

Chris x

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