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Re: Feeling hungry

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@Sally10 29283 wrote:

I had a bypass nov 2010 . And have lost 14 stone it’s amazing feeling . But over the last 2 months or so i have had trouble feeling full . I am so frightened about putting weight back on . Can anyone help . Is this normal . Is there a support group near gatwick ? Please help

Hi Sally

First of all – Don’t panic. I’m not a clinician but I would make a cautious bet that you have slightly altered what you are eating without even knowing it. When that happens, it is so easy to slip into bad habits again. I think most people try the five day pouch test to see if that helps. Please find the link below. Always remember that lean protein is the way to stay fuller for longer 😉

Surgical Weight Loss 5 Day Pouch Test

It’s basically doing the pre op diet again just to ‘re-boot’ everything. Hope this helps. Please let me know how you get on 😉

Doodah x

ps Not sure about the support group in Gatwick to be honest. I go to the one in Harrow run by the lovely Stacey Brova and am starting one myself in Portsmouth on the third Thursday of every month – details under support groups section. For me, travelling 200 miles in a day (there and back is 200 approx) has been worth it’s weight in gold.

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