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Re: Feeling cold

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Hi All,
I have never felt the cold, it could have been snow and icy winds and I could have gone out quite happierly in a tee shirt only ever wore a fleece to keep the other half happy as he said I looked stupid in just a tee shirt in the middle of winter when every one else was wrapped up. Now it is a different story, I am always complaining at how cold I am, the back of my arms are always freezing, I have been wearing long sleeves thermals most of the summer and I could do with wearing two sets now, thinking of investing in some long johns to wear under my jeans and trousers, have brought thermal tights, and for the first time I have brought a hat, must say I have never felt so cold as I do now a days. As my other half tells me when I say how cold I am well you have lost 11stone of blubber you are bound to feel the cold, suppose he is right and it is a small price to pay which I can put up with.
Elaine xx

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