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Re: Fast Food: FAQ

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@chubby girl 13777 wrote:

Thanks to two chats with bypass-ers, Im feeling a bit happier about my intended op on 12th but the paperwork given to me at the pre op had me weeping in the car on the way home. Have I got to say goodbye to ‘normal’ food totally? Will I ever have another mcdonalds??!! one of them told me 5 years post op she can manage a happy meal!! Thats fine – I dont mind eating in teeny portions but can anyone re assure me that I will be able to eat at least a little of what I fancy …….

Chubby, you should be able to manage most things in moderation eventually… Timing is different for everyone and the results all depend on just how long you can use this operation as a tool.
Your tastes will change.
You might just become a tad more concious of what your eating, whether that stays with you or you fall into old habbits will be your decison eventually, scare tactics of dumping makes most avoid the foods that might cause these conditions, but for how long is up to you.

The bypass will work for you, its up to you to make the best or worst of it…. 🙂

All the best

Buzz xx

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