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Re: Fast Food: FAQ

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Yes, you can eat normal food again! Well, most post-oppers I know eat normally, just less of everything. Whilst I choose not to eat things like MacDonalds post op, I certainly could manage the meal the size of a happy meal and I am only a year out!

For me I was excited at the thought of never being able to eat normally again! I decided to give up fast food, sweets, cakes, chocolate etc etc. Not been hard for me as I am a super-dumper and react to just about everything. However, I do think it’s important to realise that the surgery does not fix our heads, and if we still have cravings, it can be hard to handle. Whilst the op initially removes hunger, these feelings can return. Not with everyone, but for a lot of people. Portion sizes naturally get bigger as our tums stretch over time (to stop us losing more weight etc). I certainly cannot eat a full meal, but I am not that far from it.

Whilst the gastric bypass is still currently the best thing to deal with obesity, it is not a cure and it is not an easy path. It can be hard work and it does not fix us forever. The further out from surgery we get, the harder it can be to make the right food choices etc. It is possible to out-eat any wls, and people have done it. So we need to begin with the right mind set of setting rules etc and sticking to them. For example, avoid ever trying sweets etc if you can for if you are not a dumper you can never ‘un-do’ that realisation and the temptation to eat sweets can get pretty strong! If you believe you can never eat sweets etc again, which is what I did, I do not feel like I am missing out.

I have eaten out more times since my bypass than in the previous 15 years put together! I may share a starter, have a main meal (never manage all of it and family have got used to me offloading things onto their plates!) and don’t have puds unless I am at home when I might have some fresh fruit.

So I would say that yes you can eat a little of what you fancy. BUT try to stick to the rules, for a few mouthfuls of the wrong thing can lead to a few more, and a few more (well, it could in my case anyway!).

This is life changing surgery, but life saving as well. Set some rules for yourself now, get some counselling support (I do and its been fab!) and make the best of your window of opportunity to lose as much weight as you can.

Hope this helps?

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