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Re: Fast Food: FAQ

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I absolutely agree with SJ. Apart from the fact that i now can’t stand Macdonalds it makes me sick literally, tried a hamburger and fish fingers and they won’t stay down and that from someone who could not drive past a maccie D’s without popping in day or night!

You really do have to make the most of that window of opportunity as SJ says, I am now even preferring to have a steak and salad and not bother with potatoe (unheard of before). I am only 2 1/2 months out but I really don’t want to eat burgers as they just don’t agree and can’t even face the thought of a KFC, did have some BK chips which were lovely, but fried food is not agreeing with me now so taking that as a positive as it is easy to stay away from them when they make you fell ill.

Haven’t really ventured into the ‘sweet’ territory trying to keep telling myself my body can’t digest it so I can’t have it, have had some no added sugar shortbread from tesco, which hits the spot and stops that sweet craving so just try to find ways around it. I am going to try a Rhubarb crumble when I can’t resist any longer but will make the rhubarb with sweetener and the crumble topping with sweetener and semolina/polenta for the crunch and maybe some toasted oats as well and make my own custard with sweetener and hopefully I will be ok with that. But atm I couldn’t fit in a pud after my dinner. lol.

Good luck for the day they press your reset button, we look forward to welcoming you to the loser bench.

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