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Had to think a bit about this before replying…

I had a band, it didn’t work, it came out (the relief!). My weight was already piling back on (and it seems so much worse doesn’t it?) and I wanted another go at a band (idiot!) as I was terrified of the bypass for so many reasons. Shaw Somers said that a bypass would be the best option for me and I trusted his advice.

I had my bypass a year after my band removal in March 2010. The op went well, I have lost a LOT of weight, and living with a bypass has been SO much easier. The downside for me is that I have not been well since my bypass, but that is not because I had a band before, but just sod’s law I guess. I am still unwell, but for the vasy majority of people, they have a straightforward recovery and get on with the business of living!

The risks of revision are a little greater and the overall speed and amount of weight lost is often not as much with a band to bypass as with a first time bypass, so these are things to consider. Not sure how much weight you need/want to lose, but it is worth thinking about. I have lost 97% so far of my excess weight, but that is not common at all! I think about 60% is more usual for a revision…

I do not regret my decision, Shaw Somers is a fab surgeon and he will take great care of you. Honestly, I would say listen to him, he knows his stuff! There are never any guarantees in life, but living with obesity is a prison sentence, and with Shaw Somers and the team looking after you, you can look forwards to a richer and fuller life with your family. Life is for living, my life with a band was miserable, and I would have been filled with ‘what if’s’ if I hadn’t gone for a bypass.

No op is guaranteed to work, no op is guaranteed to keep the weight off, it is but a tool, but after the failure of my band, life with a bypass has so far been much easier.

You absolutely need to chew loads and eat slowly, but I always felt like I was being choked with my band. I had a few ‘slip ups’ early on with the bypass, but it quickly passed. I now feel I can eat normally, just much smaller amounts. There are foods I still cannot eat such a rice, brown bread, some pasta, some meat etc, but I can eat most things. I dump like a trooper so cannot tolerate sugar at all, and do not get on well with carbs or fat, but I think the latter is due to the other problems I have.

If you want to have a chat, PM me. There are quite a few peeps about who have had this revision done, go to a support group to find some if it helps!

Good luck with your decision, it is so hard and I truly empathise with you. It is a massive decision, so take your time. It took me 6 months to decide and even then I wasn’t sure. I was NHS, so I then had to wait 6 months for the op which was agonising…!


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