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nothing to worry about – you having your op at St Richards?

Pre-op assessment has changed a little recently due to the MDT assessments, but I think you see the nurse, have bloods, bp taken, mrsa swab, see anaesthatist and some have an ecg. Maybe also see dietitian re pre-op diet and post op diet…

Day of surgery – go in at about 7.30am one of the team of nurses will meet you (I had Veronica, but could be a range of others!). Surgeon and anaesthatist come round just after 8am (when you need to sign the consent form etc) and then you find out where you are on the list. Then for some bloods are taken (think if you have diabetes etc), also have ecg, bp taken etc.

You then change into your gown. Nurses on the ward are lovely and will look after you well and when its time will walk with you down to theatre (not far – but good idea to have slippers and a dressing gown). Once you get to area outside theatre, your nurse will hand you over to theatre nurse who will run through few questions with you and then take you into theatre. Everyone is really friendly. Once you are on table, anaesthatist puts lines etc in, and I was then asked what music I wanted to listen to! Then off to sleep and next thing waking up in recovery, you will be on morphine pump, on a saline drip, have a catheter in (think that was it). Your bp, oxygen levels will be checked regularly. Stay there for a while then back to ward (or HDU if needed). Back with nurses who will look after you, get you out of bed after 6 hours . Next day you can have a little water, day after a few teaspoons of pureed food. Next day you go home! Hope this helps.

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