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Welcome to the Streamline Forum,

Whatever has brought you to this site, be it medical, health or personal issues or just investigation for yourself, a friend or loved one, you will have no doubt have many questions. Many fears that you will be one of the statistics surgery does not work for, or even worse one of the fatalilities…. I think these thoughts and worries hit us all at some stage….. then Post op, the…why did I do this stage……lol…
It is an emotional rollercoaster, a journey.

Its clear now after many discussions that some prefer not to tell the world they are having or considering weight loss surgery, some like to sing from the roof tops and tell anyone with ears ( I know I did ). We are all very different but very simialr in the journey leading up to and after surgery….

Their is a wealth of information from people here, bandsters, bypassers, (a sleever), some that have had more than one weight loss surgery procedure.
Their are people who have gone private and NHS, its a true mix.

Every active member has and will tell you from the heart and share what their experiences have been, where we have struggled, where we have excelled, how we deal with day to day issues, emotions, negativity, tremendous weight loss, hair loss.. even dumping, wind and number twos…… Their really is no stone unturned, nothing too emabarasing to discuss…

We are but a few people who have been given our lives back that want to help others going through the initial process and looking into weight loss surgery. Its something some of us can give back, its our chance to make things a little easier for those making choices.

We are not paid or employed by Streamline Surgical, however most are patients. We are genuine weight loss patients wanting to offer a hand of friendship, and encourage where we can….
Its never going to be an easy decision, just a bit more comfortable knowing people are living a healthier and more fullfilling life than they ever imagined.

So, if you do have any questions, please just log in and drop us a line or write an introduction and we will try to answer all of your questions honestly and without predjudice….

It will be great to have some of you post, but it has to be when your ready….

Look forward to more newbies posting soon….

Andy AKA BUZZ ( Buzz Light (in a) Year : TOO SLIMFINITY and BEYOND

Gastric Bypass : Oct 2009
Reason for Bypass : Medical : Diabetes, cholesterol, Blood Pressure – a lifetime of obesity.

Surgeon : Tim John (Streamline) St Richards, Chichester
Weight Loss to date : Approx 5.5 Stone ( 5Stone in the first 3 Months)

Currently living a life I never imagined possible. Having been obese for so long I had forgotten what life is supposed to be like….
Healthier and happier than I ever though possible.
In control of diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, weight..

Living a full filling life loving every minute..

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