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Morning Precious!! That’s a really good question, I was very confused at first over it, knowing that I had always been the kind of girl to go past the ‘omg stop feeding me’ stage. Although, I think it’s the same as most things…it is individual to you and only ‘pouch brain’ will decide how to alert you.

I have an example as I type actually. Yesterday morning I weighed out 30gms of Branflakes as per the suggested packet serving, wanted to see how much of ‘normal’ I was capable of. I let them go soggy and tried to see how much I would eat before I got that same feeling you describe of ‘back up in throat’. Well I think I ate just under half the bowl of soggy flakes. So this morning I weighed out 15gsm and let them go soggy and guess what….I only managed half and it was hard work, I felt like a stuffed Lolli!!! LOL

Sounds to me, that feeling you are getting….is the same as I feel….and as early out as I am too…I am pretty sure that is the ‘stop, stop it now’ voice, it’s the one I listen to. Although everyday it seems to come earlier or later in what I am eating even when it’s the same food like the branflake thing. I also found that as I got closer to week 4 I could get more fluid in than before, now on minced/mashed it’s all new lessons again for me.

I guess all we can do is listen to ‘pouchy’ and I know after a very disturbing mash and baked bean incident that it soon reminds you when it’s too much LOL.

Lolli xx

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