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monkey girl

Hi precious, that full feeling you are getting is exactly like the one I get.
It is your friend, pay attention to it , ignore it and it will teach you a valuable lesson.
Even though its two years since my bypass and I really should know better, some times I still overdo it. It might be that I am in a hurry and eat to quickly, or I am feeling greedy or most often I have become blase and think I know all about living with the changes to my digestive system.
When I have swallowed that last mouthful of food that I know I didn’t need I get a feeling , like the one you describe, followed by a sensation that I imagine you would get if you swallow a house brick. Next comes a bubbling sensation along with a gurggling sound, finally you get to meet your last meal again ! Sometimes more than once.
Its always my own fault and I remember then that I need to pay attention to what I am doing because I do not know it all. Hope this isn’t too graphic for you but I wanted to let you know that even when you have reached your weight goal , you might stiill have a few technical hitches,.
Sounds like you are doing great so early on, well done.
Best wishes

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