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Hi everyone, I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind. First one is I understand you have to have a psychological assessment to be able to have the bypass. I’m ok with this, but I’m concerned that I was diagnosed with compulsive over eating disorder last year. I’m worried they would be concerned I wouldn’t be able to stop eating but I pretty confident I can because when I had gallstones, eating was a constant battle not set of an attack and it acting as a very physical block to my eating. I didn’t want pain so therefore didn’t eat fat or a lot and lost weight until they took my gallbladder out. I believe the bypass will work in the same sense as I’m aware of dumping and food getting stuck etc. I guess I can only explain this but I am worried that I’ve come so far as to make this decision and it might not be entirely up to me…?

The second question about pain relief, I’m completely phobic about any kind of pain and feel my pain thresh hold has considerable dropped after suffered pancreatitis a few years ago. I know what the NHS is like at giving pain medication, they tend to give the bare minimum so I’m curious if when you pay for the op yourself do they make sure you are not in pain? I don’t mind being uncomfortable, bruised, sore etc. but can’t face the thought of waking up in pain. Many thanks in advance to anyone who replies 🙂

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