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Thanks for the replies. He is finding out today and hoping to get the Weds, Thurs Fri off one way or the other and then Mon is a bank holiday. We will travel back by sea that day (day 6) and he will go back to work on Tues day 7 but as you say only 20 minutes away should I need him.

The next issue is we have a wedding to go to on Sat 3 June! This will be day 10. How am I likely to be then and do you suggest I just pretend to eat!?

I bumped into a woman I know on Sat who had a bypass 5 years ago. She was over 20 stone and plummeted to maybe 10 (she is tall so that was thin) she has now started to put weight on and had a visible spare tyre, she says her problem is now alcohol and I think this is quite common. She still looks and feels 100% better than ‘before’ and has no regrets but I was a bit depressed to hear that she has been doing the Dukan diet! She can’t afford to have the skin removal surgery she needs and some of the spare tyre is that.

Fortunately for me I am on lots of medications (not so fortunate really) and the toxicity means I can only have small amounts of alcohol anyway so that is not likely to be a problem for me.

I am seeing Mr Shaw in about 10 days and when I know where in London my operation is on 25th I will let you know in case anyone wants to make friends….. feeling very calm at the moment.

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