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Well, I finally had my endoscope this afternoon and it was the most awful thing I have ever been through and would not wish to ever go through it again !!!

I posted last week for peoples’ comments on their experience and most people advised me to go for the the throat spray and the sedation so what did I do???

I decided that as I’ve been through childbirth with no pain relief and I was assured that this process was not painful then I would just have the throat spray!!!


I spent the entire procedure thrashing about – had to be held down by two nurses – threw up several times and even pushed the Consultant away at one point!!! OMG!! I was horrified by my own behaviour and made sure that I apologised to all of them afterwards.

So I can now confirm for anyone that has one of these coming up:

1 The throat spray is not so bad…tastes like medical bananas!
2 It does not hurt but is extremely uncomfortable and difficult to breathe through, hence, the retching! If I had to do it again, I would definitely have the sedation!
3 It’s a very quick procedure – even if they have to do a biopsy – but it does leave you with a very sore throat and a numb tongue!

Thank goodness that when I have my op, I’ll be asleep!

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