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@Take2 12036 wrote:

Hi everyone, I am a newbie (to the site but not WLS). As the title suggest’s I have already had a band which due to slippage was removed by the dear ole NHS, just under a year ago. In that time (and including pre-slippage, but empty) i have managed to put most of the 6 stone I lost back on. FLIPPIN GREAT.

I hate being FAT even more this time around as I now know what it is like to be thin, happy and healthy.

I have recently met with SHAW again (put my 1st band in) and he was brilliant and has informed me that the chance of slippage with a 2nd band (despite his best sewing skills) has a high chance of slippage and although he would do what I wanted I must consider, both the finacial and mental implications I could incur if it went WRONG again.

He has asked me to consider a BYPASS and spent a considerable amount of time going through the PRO’s and CONS and also suggested to speaking to you guys for help and advice.

I am a mum of 2 girls who are the world to me and I want to be around to see them grow into beautful women. I need your honest and frank advice. The UPS and DOWN’s the FEAR,TEARS – basically the warts and all. When I had my band fitted I did no real investigation and learnt about things as and when that happened as I somtime feel too much knowledge can be a WORRY. However the band was removable and I always felt could be fixed but this is much more FINATE. This involves major surgery and what other than losing weight are the long term possibilites.

Has anyone had a band and gone to BYPASS – how has it worked out?

Also what’s the learning/adjustment curve like post op. I was told with the band it can take 6 months for your head and the band to work together and blige me I was dead on 6 months, but in that time I was HELL to live with, moaning about it being too tight, not tight enough, pain on eating – what had i done etc…… What’s it like with the BYPASS.

Also SHAW said with the BYPASS you dont get pain on eating like you do with the BAND, but I have read on here, that you still need to chew loads, eat slowly, and some people complain of pain under the ribs etc….. EXPLAIN please.

Any help advice tips etc would be gratefully appreciated as this not a decision to be taken lightly.

Many Thanks


Hi, Just read your post!. PLEASE dont have a second band Shaw is right. Ive had 2 bands and they both slipped with in a year.
I have gone through an emotional roller coaster with this and have put all the weight back on.I went to see Guy who advised me the next step would be a bypass but comes with more risks as its revision surgery also i have alot of scar tissue so he may not be able to even do the opp.I will have to fund this myself as i did the bands and right now dont have this money as im paying off the loans that i had for my bands.Goodluck to you and keep as posted x

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