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Hi Janifred,

THe survey sweetheart does actually slap us in the face if we wrtite it out as it is.
Why did we not realise what were doing to ourselves before the questionaire, why were we so oblivious….

Honesty right now is the best policy.

Asking your husband to go but not be in the consultation might be a good idea if you think it might offend him with some of the things you have written, but then perhaps he needs to know a little….
It is difficult having a kin who probably unkowingly sabotages your efforts with diets. I am pretty sure its not intentional… but then they might never have taken your diets serious to try to protect you from being hurt if they failed…..
We do hurt…..
I am trying to reason here….sorry…

If its a bypass your having, you will loose your appetite for quite some time, as weird as it sounds not feeling hungry will have you missing meals like a lunatic, but its important to make time…..
The band I understand is different and takes a few attempts to get the restriction right.

Your eating will change, you wont be able to turn to food as a comfort anywhere near as much as you used to. THis my soon to be little dumpling is where the emotions run a little high.
Its the emotional side of GBS, that is sometimes a little hard to get your head arround. I have ended up with quite a short fuse, quick tempered on occasion which was so unlike me, I realise this is more evident when I am missing meals and snacking…..

Provided your husband understands I am sure he will want to support you and help you.
You do have to share with him….if only to make it an easier journey.

Your find many wonderful things to fill your time..mark my words as you recover and feel better you will be out more doing more and actually enjoying your life more…..
Please dont worry ….

But do consider confiding in the other half, better to have him onside than a hinderance .I am sure if you sit him down and explain he will realise, even if it is him just trying to protect you…..which I think it might be…… not destructive….

He benefits the new woman….lol….

Fear not…… life is good…..

Hope that comes as some comfort….. if you (or hubby) want a chat let me know and I will PM you my phone number…..

Buzz xxx

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