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Hi take2 and welcome….
Not sure if that might stick as if at first you dont succeed try try again might be more appropriate……

Having ventured into this a little confused and unfamiliar with it all, I am happy to have had my bypass Oct 2009. I maintain a healthy weight and have been a model patient I expect with very few complications other than trying to hard sometimes….
Think we all go thier…

Have heard a few go onto bypass after bands fail to get results, its no-ones fault, it just worked until it went wrong for you and I am sorry about that…. having nothing their to restrict you or keep you on track the emotional side got the better of you….

I would have a bypass every month to feel as good as I do now but work I think might have something to say about all that time off.

In my opinion…GO FOR IT, the girls deserve it and so do you….

No failing here, we wont allow it…lol were all losers…

All the best… and no…. warts and my bits remain a close guarded secret lol…… together with me baggy skin…. 😉

Buzz ( Andy in Bognor)

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