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im having a bad day as im angry as i went to see my dietician 2weeks ago 2day and she said she’ll contact my doctor to refere me for funding so i thought YIPPEEE finally i may actually get my dream after all ……well i then got told to wait for a letter from her then make an appointment straight away to go see my doctor to make sure shes put me forward for the gastric bypass…..yesterday i went to see my doc (the 1 tht sent me to the dietician in the 1st place!!!) about another issue and mentioned it to her wat id been told she said she’d recieved no letter and il just have to wait 🙁 and if i wanted to ring and see if the letter had gone in the post yet so i did call and i got told by a rude receptionist “well i dout u would have got it yet as it’s only been 2weeks and im way behind with my typing!!!!!!” so through fault of not mine im having to wait for her to catch up she checked and said that she hadnt typed it and she douts it’ll be for another few weeks charming i know i knew id have to wait but i wanted to get the ball rolling i was so positive wen i left the hospital 2weeks ago but now seems was all for nothing so deflated feelin 2day as it doesnt seem to bother them i just wanna know if i can get the funding or not aslong as i know that il be able to settle and prepere for the future but at the moment my heads all over the place and im feelin soooo down and all i keep thinking is will it ever happen :(……..

wat i really wanted to know after goin off on 1 hehe is how long did others have to wait and how does it all work with letters being sent and everything… intresting to know.

sorry to ramble on but had to get it off my chest

hope u guys are all havin a good day anyway and hope ur all 🙂

chat soon

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