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Google is great for research, but as with all things internet, you can find good stuff, and not so good stuff! Mr Somers is right – relax and have some fun before your op.

Re the dumping thing, if you google (!!) statistics say that only 30% of bypassers dump, other stats say that 70% DO dump! Whether you do or not, the key is not testing it. Have the op and presume you will dump, avoid sugary stuff like the plague! If you test it and find out you don’t dump, you cannot ‘forget’ or undo that, so, resolve yourself to avoiding sugar if you can. I set myself rules pre-op including ‘no more sugar, no alcohol’ etc…why on earth I couldn’t do that without needing surgery I have no idea, but I have stuck to it rigidly.

In the end of course diet and exercise is what it boils down to, the surgery can only do so much after all. It is up to us to make the right food choices, to exercise etc. It doesn’t work for everyone, but for most people, it does! Yes it takes work, but no one is under the illusion that it doesn’t, are they?

So, enough googling you lot! Relax, and look forwards to taking the next step in changing your lives…


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