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I don’t think you necessarily have the same surgeon that you see at your initial consultation – not quite sure how it works.

My referral was slightly different as I had my band elsewhere, had lots of pain, couldn’t eat and hospital were totally rubbish (quite unlike St Richards!) so GP said she would refer me elsewhere I asked if I could see Shaw Somers and PCT said yes! Been with him since, he removed my band, then did bypass a year later, and he is still overseeing my care now…

My band was placed a little high, but I think that my body just wasn’t coping with a foreign object in it. I was sick loads, and moved between being able to eat anything to not even keeping fluids down. It was miserable, but had it been done with someone like Shaw Somers in the first place, I have no doubt that the whole experience would have been much better and very different! You do read of band horror stories, but as I said earlier, people who post often have problems! There are plenty of bypass horror stories too…but equally loads of positive ones!

For me, despite being unwell, living with a bypass has been much easier. I don’t regret having my band but I do wish I had been sent to a specialist unit to begin with. I also wish I had been offered more than just a band (a bypass I was told, was ‘just in case your band doesn’t work’). So I should have done more research myself, but the benefit of hindsight is an annoying thing!

Speak to Mr Slater – he seems to be a genuinely nice man as well as being an expert! He will help decide the best route forwards for you.

What attracts you to the band, John?

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