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Having just had a few weeks in recovery I must admit I have spent a lot of time on Facebook.. its a terrfic site for daily banter with groups which cover GBS locally and nationally, unfortunatley because it is so popular it destracts peoples time and their use on this site.

Imagine the experience that is at hand and how just a few minutes a day replying on here will help anyone comming to terms with making the decisions we have made when we did. Sadly newbies dont have access to all of the groups on facebook and lots are by invite only…..

All I am asking if for people who flit by occasionally to pop in and say hi or reply to a post question they might have advice or experience with….. remember the days we were in so much toil…lol….. the worries the fears…

Newbies need some comfort, strugglers need some advice and oldies need to remeber the people who inspired them…… some of which have posted recently lol you know who you are…

This site has so much to offer if you can just dedicate a little of your time, its so rewarding helping, sharing and giving something back…. it is for me…..

So if you have read this, please check through the posts and reply to at least one before you flitter of to your wonderful life…..

Give us your suggestions what we can provide or arrange a meeting…. were all up for nibbles in the parks across the UK…

Whatever goes on on facebook I will try to apply on here so non facebook users can join in the fun and not miss out…

Have a good day, be kind to yourself, and kind to the others who need your advice, your wisdom and your support….

Love you all..

Buzz x

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