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Re: Exercise- How soon after the op?

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Something we do not realise when considering the dramatic weightloss after surgery is just how much muscle you loose as well….
As you get closer to reaching your goal the last few kilos take that much more effort and this is where excercise will become an important part of maintaining good health and loosing those last few kilo’s.

Very little is required early on, but neglect it and you will be in a similar position as me…
I need to tone up, I need to get back into swimming to rebuild some of the muscles that have disapeared recently…

At the of cost of perhaps gaining some weight, excercise is required.

I only say this as I have noticed recentley because when I do become a tad poorely, I tend to get it worse and for longer than I did before… I am currently suffering MAN FLU, (girls can laugh) but this has really knocked me for six, where as I would normally have struggled through regardless….
Just seems I suffer more than I did before? Does that sound common?

I am going to get something sorted in the next week or so and start going swimming after work…. try walking more as the weather is nice and even use the fitness equipment I bought that is gathering dust….

Not sure I want a wii fit? Not my cup of tea…

Just consider the sooner you start, the easier it will be, dont make excuses like I did…
See whats on offer locally, gym, swimming, walks…theirs lots to do if you just take a few moments looking….

Good luck

Buzz xxx

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