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Re: Exercise- How soon after the op?

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Exercise is one of those things I dread, didn’t need much when I was a teenager as walked miles everyday and disco dancing was something we did at least twice a week then practised most evenings! I have tried various things over the years but just never found anything that I was comfortable doing also when I was married it seemed that everytime I took up exercise I became pregnant 😆 I did aerobics and wondered why it made me feel so ill then realised I was expecting my first baby, 6 months after he was born I tried it again and second son was on the way this time I left it a bit longer before trying the gym and two weeks into it I discovered I was expecting my third son. It took me over three years (too busy looking after the boys) to take up swimming, four months later I was pregnant for the fourth time with my daughter!
I have to confess that exercise is going to be my least favourite part of my journey (when I get there) but I realise it’s a very necessary part although I do have concerns as to how much I will be able to undertake due to arthritis in joints, my GP has told me that both my knees need replacing but I hope that weight loss might help anyway sadly walking is out for me at the moment and I wouldn’t be seen dead in a swimsuit. We will have to wait and see.
Buzz, SJ and anyone else looking to be more active, good luck with finding something that you can enjoy but please keep us all posted as it will give us some ideas.

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