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Re: Exercise- How soon after the op?

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I went for a walk along littlehampton seafront 1 week post op and just kept sitting down every now and then but really maybe i was lucky?? but i had to get out of the house and go for some air….

Just listen to your body (so corny i know but true). I found that I’d go for a walk one day and be shattered the next but gradually it got better.

I went back to Zumba (dancing) at 4 weeks post op, but didn’t get back to running until 6 weeks post op…I thought I had to wait longer to do things like sit ups or strenuous exercise but I contact Mr Pring at 10 weeks to check that and he was like ‘no go on live normally’ so I am trying to stop being lazy and get back up to exercising more 🙂

Only thing to note is that you do get tired far more than before at first….like weird tired where you dont want to sleep but your body feels like lead and its almost impossible to get out of bed…although perhaps Im just a drama queen lol

when i started running one night a week, i was wiped out the next day, getting out of bed to go to work was so hard but after 3 weeks it wasn’t so bad, i now make sure I eat a proper meal at lunch on they days i run and have a ‘lunch’ type of meal in the evening after the run, now I’m up to 2-3 times a week and not suffering so bad…3 times a week is starting to tire me but I got some diet advice yesterday.

Yesterdays dietician at the loxwood said that if you do exercise thats reasonably strenuous (mine are hour long sessions) that you are probably using and possibly depleting energy stores in your liver so she said that within 30 mins of exercise try to eat a banana (or half of one) or have some watered down squash to get a bit of carb/sugar back into you…but beware of the side effects of dumping initially. She said this will/should counter the tiredness

Best to try one session and see how you feel the next day etc or by the end of the week. Any pain while exercising and stop immediately.

Petal if you’re unsure give his secretary a call or the loxwood…I did that with Mr Pring at 6 weeks…went in, came out, sat in car and remembered half a dozen questions I had forgotton to ask 🙂 so i just emailed his secretary

good luck ladies, mr pring and the dietician were very clear that regular exercise is a good thing and is necessary to keep healthy not just loose weight, I started back at running because my weight plateau’d but it started the loss back again (although its plateauing again at the moment :-), just dont over do it xx

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