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Re: Exercise- How soon after the op?

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Hi Buzz,

Thanks for your support…I am hopeful that I might start to be well enough soon to do things like exercise, at the moment just getting through each day is enough for me.

I have always loved exercise, so I do miss it so.

There are some gentle forms of exercise which I hope to re-visit when I am feeling better. I can recommend things like yoga, pilates and Tai Chi (and men go to all of these!) are gentle but very good forms of exercise. Tai Chi in particular (as long as you find the right form or style) as it is a martial art (without any contact!) in slow form. There is a great form of Tai Chi (called Tai Chi for Arthritis – although for anyone with health needs or getting back into exercise), it is really gentle on the body. Also, many classes add in meditation which is great relaxation…

As you say, swimming is also great.

I hope you can find something you can get into, and hopefully everyone can find something to their taste, but exercise is a bit like Marmite – you either love it or hate it!

The exercise I want to get into this time around? Boxing!!! (not people though, big punch bags!) Not sure why, just reckon it would be good fun and great for the stress levels! Secondly I want to learn Tai Chi Sword – Tai Chi but wielding a big sword at the same time…. not sure what this says about me!!!

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