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Re: Excited and scared….

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@Paul-H 25475 wrote:


Good luck with your surgery, you will be fine, the team at St Richards are probably the best in the country for WLS. I had mine there 6 months ago and have not looked back, and am almost at my goal weight already. yes it is a tool and not a quick fix, you have to understand that and it can fail you work against it as some do. It’s great not to feel hunger anymore so I am no longer ruled by food and have saved a small fortune on my food bill already. Work with your bypass and your bypass will work with you.

A couple of things that will help you succeed are.

One of the ways WLS surgery works is through aversion therapy, that is if you eat too much you will be I’ll, if you eat the wrong types of food you will be Ill if you drink the wrong types of drink you will be ill.

Some people try to eat and drink the things they have been told not to eat and drink, some of those people have found those foods and drink did not make them feel ill those people often started to struggle as they found they are now eating all the things they shouldn’t be eating.

My advice is to assume you will be ill and don’t try the devils food and drink ever. That way you will not feel ill and you surgery will work.

If you are tempted to try them and you are not ill you will regret it in the long run, be strong and it will be fine.

As for people who had WLS 10 years ago, sadly there will not be to many on here that had their surgery that long ago as they surgery they where doing ten years ago was nothing like it is today, ten years ago a lot of WLS Paitents didn’t make it out of hospital, today the surgery is nothing like what they used to do and the vast majority of patients do survive and will live a long healthy life post surgery, which they would not have done without it.

Go for it, you will be fine.

All the best


Brilliant post Paul.

Wls surgery has moved on exponentially in the past ten years. I had mine done only four years ago and I have a 10cm scar because I had open surgery! I had my gall bladder removed at the same time but was still totally back to normal and pain free within days. Now they are performed laparoscopically and the scars disappear within months!

I know someone who had their surgery nine years ago and they are still slim, healthy and happy. More importantly, they are still alive – they might not have been if they hadn’t had surgery. I feel the same. If I hadn’t had mine, I doubt very much that I would still be here. It was the best thing I have ever done apart form getting married and having my children.

Chichester is an amazing hospital and their Bariatric team is equal to any in the world in my opinion. Chris Pring is a superb surgeon as are all the members of the Streamline Surgical team. You could not be in better hands.

Doodah x

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