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Re: Everyone complains about their doctors but!!!!!

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@Paul-H 32934 wrote:

For those of you not living in the Medway towns think yourself lucky.

Not only is our local hospital one of the worse in the country, our out of hours medical service must be as well

An elderly woman we know phoned the out of Hours service at 9.30 am complaining of Chest Pains, the OOM service should obviously just sent an Ambulance, but no they said one of their doctors would call to see her.

The Doctor turned up at 7.30 in the evening, I kid you not 10 hours to respond to a report of a patient with chest pains.

How good is your doctor now 😉


Paul, I can ‘top’ that – My Mum has very severe chronic lung disease and was having a terrible exacerbation. We called an ambulance. It took EIGHT hours to get to the bottom of her street then turned back and went back to the dept as it had a mechanical failure (the ambulance!) Another ambulance was called but after waiting a further four hours, we decided it would be better just to take her ourselves and hope she made it there (A&E) in time.

Having said all that, both me and my sister owe the lives of our children to the Princess Anne Hospital. All three of our children were born premature and my Sister and I had lengthy stays in hospital for all of them.It would seem that the NHS is either magnificent or spectacularly bad with very little in between.

I love our NHS but sometimes, I could could scream at them!

Doodah x

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