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Re: Emotional eating

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Hi Dragonella sweetheart,

Hopefully your having a better day today.
WLS is emotional at the best of times and so very hard to deal with when you just want to find comfort it what used to secure us.
I too (even at 18 months out) find myself very short and quick tempered, something I never was pre surgery.
A lot comes down to diet, travelling and eating bad,skipping meals and just day to day pressure.

we are a little more delicate than we were but not many people appricaite that, they dont realise the changes other than seeing us thinner and healtheir. Mentally it is hard, emotionally it does not change, probably gets worse because we try to do the right thing most of the time…

Having support and friendship allowing us to vent with people who understand helps, support groups offer so much face to face contact with people doing what we do, sharing is improtant if only to hear its normal.

How we deal with it is up to us…. Personally for meal I sometimes just dont know where to turn, not anti depressants thats for sure…. I tend to bury myself in other peoles problems which make mine look quite rosey in
Sounds awful but I’m really not doing so bad….

You should let the person who upset you know, when you have calmed down. Make them realsie what they might have said was hurtful and not necessary. if they knew I am sure they would understand…

Emotionally we venture on without much support or means of control, if it becommes an issue then it needs discussing with loved ones friends and possibly your GP.
Your not weak, far from it… just suffering some of the side effects of WLS….

Find the times your down, find the reason and then we can work on a solution together….

But please consider going to a group meeting, they are awesome for encouragement and understanding..

Ask at your next trip to the surgery if their is anything they would recommend….

Good luck

Buzz xx

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