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Re: Emotional Connection to Food

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@Janifred 15525 wrote:

Hi everyone
my journey, it would seem, is to take me to the ‘head stuff’ now and get help on how to deal with my emotional dependence on food especially after the Bypass. I really don’t want to transfer this onto something else, so I’m not sure, what is the alternative?
I suppose the referral will be made on my behalf and I will know in due course. m m m m m m m mmmmmmm I am an old worrier. Can anyone out there offer some ideas on what to expect

I wish they could do something with my head…… it needs chopping off somedays…
Surgery is a wonderful tool, we all have a long honeymoon to try to get ourselves better aqauinted with eating and I really do believe we begin to make healthier choices naturally.
That is not to say emotional eating will be a thing of the past. IT WONT BE….

Thing is, we fall off the band wagon, beat ourselves up a bit and get back on… (I do)

I would love something on the forum to help with our emotional relationship with food…..

I am more emotional now than I ever was… and naturally will break boundries….

Thankfully, With you lot out their, with the everyday struggles we have it helps me realise if i continue to self destruct I will spoil all I have achieved…

Hope you find some comfort, and sollutions….. were all sharing the fear, the worries and the demons…..

Buzz xx

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