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Re: Emotional Connection to Food

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I love food and always have done (hence the weights I have reached over the years). When I had my band fitted privately I had to go through all the councilling stuff but unfortunately, the woman I had was a witch. I hated her and she hated me and I had to get through her before she would agree to me having the surgery. For me this was pergitory if I’m honest as I’ve never had any problems in my childhood or life that would contribute to me eating too much. Other than the normal school bullying I went through, there doesn’t seem to be any real reason emotionally why I over ate and this seemed to be a problem for the psych. She made me feel that there HAD to be a reason for my over eating and couldn’t understand that it was simply me eating too much of what 9 times out of 10 was good healthy food. Eventually I had to play the woman at her own game but still had to sign a contract to say I would attend every support group for 2 years after surgery (which I did do and enjoyed). I just put myself down as someone who has had a life full of loving food and enjoying it but failed to fall into any catagory to pinpoint why I love food so much and why I ate too much of it. I think it’s probably like the alcohol thing – over the years it took more and more to satisfy me and so it was more portion size for me that made me what I was. I still love food but just not in the same amounts. I’d rather have something really nice now and actually enjoy it more than before. Think we tend to savour every mouthful and get more out of what we eat rather than just shovelling it down and really not noticing the taste of it.

My only problem now is if I’m busy all day, I forget to eat and live on Aldi’s latte’s (68 cals) but once it gets to dinner time and I do eat, it sets me off and I find it hard to stop eating in the evenings. I just tell myself that I’m having the calories I should have had in the day! Still losing weight so something must be right lol I remember being told when I had the band that if whatever I’m doing works for me then do it. Whether this is right or not, who knows. Much conflicting info on the subject of skipping breakfast etc but as I say, it’s working and so I’m not going to try to fix it.

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