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Re: Emotional Connection to Food

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Hi Everyone,
As most of you know I am a CBT Trainer,and I have been asked to design and develop a short series of six interactive workshops around the subject of” Emotional Eating”
One thing I have discovered is that Emotional Eaters/Compulsive Eaters are ”all or nothing ” people
We can diet and even starve or we can eat and simply not know how or when to stop- but what we cant do (for any sustainable period of time) is to be MODERATE
to eat in moderation!
We also often ”fail” to recognise hunger as pre surgery we never allowed ourselves to feel hungry!
One thing I know FOR SURE is that I truly believe that how we think about food often determines how we act around food.
So I am trying to develop my workshops around learning new behaviours and trying to look at ways of changing how we think(about food and our emotional attachment to it)
I believe as we are always going to ”FEEL” emotions anger/frustration/happiness/ sadness/low self esteem etc
that there can’t actually be a ”cure” as feeling these emotions is what makes us human
However-I wondered If I throw it open to the wise old owls in the forum what you all might think
As I am most interested in and could use the research lol!!!
Please feel free to express your views on this point
Any responses will be very much appriciated as words from the wise
as you have all
”BEEN THERE-DONE THAT” so to speak

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