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Re: Effects of alcohol after wls

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@Paul-H 26852 wrote:

This will be one of those hot topics that often end up getting locked as the subject can be too hot for a sensible discussion.

Its best if you don’t but if you do then be man or women enough to accept the consequences if they turn out to be bad. There are quite a few documented cases of WLS patients putting all their weight back on because they chose to replace their wood addiction with a bottle of wine a night, or more.


It’s true that this is a contentious subject Paul, but it’s a serious one that needs to be discussed and considered. If I had thought for one second that I might transfer my addiction from food to alcohol, I would not have let a single drop ever pass my lips again. However, I am fortunate enough not to have found this the case for me personally. Again, I would suggest therapy before wls. I spent three years working through how I got to be 26+ stone in the first place. I now have a much better understanding of how it happened and can take steps to make sure it is never repeated with another ‘substance’ (I think food addiction is every bit as dangerous/serious as alcoholism, smoking and drugs.)

We all need to be aware. Awareness comes with discussion and consideration. However, there is NO place for judgement here. Ever.

Doodah x

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