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Re: Eekkkk !! Nervous !!

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Excellent advice from Kim there Trayg. I would also suggest hand and face wipes just to keep you feeling fresh. I know most hospitals are the cleanest places in the world but I felt so much better being able to ‘wash’ my hands and face before eating and after handling magazines, books etc. I also took in anti bacterial hand gel and asked my visitors to use it in case they had forgotten to use the hospital ones. As you may have guessed, I’m a little OCD about such things haha!

Other than that, get as much rest as you can whilst you are in but try to get up and about every couple of hours to get things moving (especially wind and your bowels.) Make the most of the fact that the ONLY thing you have to worry about is you. You don’t have to cook or clean and you can’t see it happening so don’t need to worry about it.

Just realised I sound like a total loon! I’m afraid I am a bit of a micro manager and won’t stop worrying about what is happening or supposed to happen until all responsibility about it is removed from me!!

Anyway, Monday will be here before you know it and your new, happier and healthier life will begin. I’m so happy and excited for you.

Doodah x

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