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Re: Eekkkk !! Nervous !!

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@Trayg 31803 wrote:

Hi all , thanks for your repleys , I’m just sipping bovril as I type ! Mmmmm lol , all good so far I’m surprised im actually not hungry ? Hardest thing is making kids tea and doing packed lunches , I’m drinking so much water , can’t keep of the loo ! I’m excited and apprehensive about mon but in determined to crack on ! When I told my hubby about the fact that I had lost a stone already , I imediatlly regretted it cos he jumped on it straight away saying see…
U don’t need to spend all that money and go throu a op .. U can do it without ?? It’s ok losing it in the short term , it’s keeping it off !! He just does not understand xxxx

And that is the crux of it isn’t it? Keeping the ruddy weight off. As I said in the Streamline video – I had lost the same three stones ten times over!

Just keep doing what you are doing as it is obviously working for you. It’s weird not to feel hungry isn’t it? Yet highly interesting that you still want to eat. Just goes to prove how much of our eating is ‘head hunger’. I had it terribly over the moving house period the other week. Stress related eating when I wasn’t even that hungry. All gone now though.

Monday is coming round quickly isn’t it? Only five more sleeps woo hoo! I honestly think this is the most exciting bit 🙂

Doodah x

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